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Our services are tailor-made to suit our client’s particular needs

We take into account the Company Field to which they belong; their Market Strength and their Territorial Scope always trying to adapt our professional advice to is Marketing Strategies.

Specialised consulting

  • Consulting on business management of intellectual property assets:
    As business management professionals, we advise our clients on how to guarantee appropriate protection of intellectual property, while ensuring that our recommendations take into account each company’s marketing strategies. This main goal orients the support provided in other areas (legal and technical).
  • Legal consulting:
    Our firm includes lawyers with expertise in intellectual property law, so we can provide exclusive legal advice in this area.
    • Intellectual property encompasses all aspects that are related to technical inventions (patents and utility models), creations of form (industrial models and drawings), and distinctive commercial signs (service and product trademarks, commercial names and signing of establishments).
    • Intellectual property also regulates copyrights applicable to all original literary, artistic or scientific creations, which include: books, printed material, written works, speeches, lectures, musical compositions, theatrical works, audiovisual works, sculptures, paintings, drawings, engravings, comics; projects, plans, models and designs for architectural and engineering works; maps and designs related to topography, geography and science; photographic works and computer programs.

    We provide comprehensive support in relation to different forms of protection, rights and obligations. This support includes:

    1. Analysis of the need for or appropriateness of registration
    2. Negotiation in economic transactions
    3. Drafting of contracts concerning assignment of rights, settlements, claims relating to legal infractions, etc.
  • Technical consulting:

    Our team includes professionals who can provide technical analysis and recommendations concerning inventions that require such an approach due to their complexity or sophistication.

    Patents or utility models that involve a new development at a worldwide level must be under technical supervision prior to initiating any legal process aimed at protecting their exclusivity.

Procedures for registration with public bodies


Procedural steps involved in registering with public intellectual property bodies and monitoring of infringers

In order to exercise intellectual property rights, it is necessary to register with the public bodies concerned with intellectual property.

We also represent clients in dealings with the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Community trademarks and Community designs), and with the World Intellectual Property Office (international trademarks and PCT patents), and have associates abroad to protect application files in countries where this may be necessary.

In this regard, we provide the following specific services:

  • Procedural steps involved in registration with various bodies and subsequent follow-up, including:
    • Replies to suspended applications
    • Submission of objections and appeals against denial of application files
    • Payment of rights, renewals and annuities
    • Recording of transfers
    • Obtaining of certificates
    • Various procedural steps
  • Monitoring of the publication of application files that may adversely affect our clients, and submission of objections to applications and appeals against assignments
  • Although registration of intellectual property is not required to exercise the rights corresponding to a particular creation, it can be worthwhile as a way of pre-establishing evidence of the proprietorship of that creation.

Representation before Courts and Tribunals


Intellectual property rights are intended to protect the exclusive exploitation of specific creations that can be commercialised and are economically significant. This right of exclusivity is usually respected, but infringements and conflicts arising as a result of opposed interests frequently occur. When these cannot be resolved amicably, appropriate legal action must be taken to re-establish the rights that have been infringed.

We also represent our clients before courts and tribunals, and take all legal action necessary to protect their interests.

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