We support our clients to implement their own strategies in order to commercially exploit their Intellectual Property Assets.

Trademarks and Designs mainly can be traded in different commercial fields; by means of Licensing contracts.



Our licensing services focus on two main lines of activity:

  • We act as agents and manage the properties of our clients to promote, strengthen and channel the exploitation of licensable properties in the most appropriate way. We carry out this activity in relation to trademarks, images, objects, sounds, graphic images, signatures, characters, forms or logos, acting between the owners of rights and licensees interested in using these elements in their own supports.
  • We advise our clients on the selection of potential licensees and on how to exploit properties by using the most appropriate channels that generate the best performance for owners.



We advise and assist our clients in developing a specific approach to merchandising each licensed property in order to boost sales. In addition to pure licenses, we offer mixed formulas that can make licenses more effective, in combination with a consultancy service that focuses on product development.

We make our commercial network and direct distribution channels available to our clients for the marketing of products.



We advise our clients and facilitate access to special offers and promotions in relation to both licensed and merchandising products, whether to promote existing products or launch new products or services.

  • Licensed products: We use licenses – which can add value and make promotions more effective – as a way to boost sales for our clients.
  • Merchandising: We develop specific products tailored precisely to promotional needs.

Distribution, imports and exports


Our experience in the commercial area means that we can make our own wholesale and retail distribution and commercialisation network available to our clients. Globalisation of services has given us access to distance markets and facilitated their management, allowing us to construct an efficient commercial and distribution structure.

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