Imagination and professional experience

Join to offer our clients the best service in order to establish their particular protection strategy to manage their Intellectual Property Assets: Trademarks; Designs; Patents and Copyrights.

Our company's mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive service that encompasses:

  1. Protection (Patent and trademark agency)
  2. Exploitation (Licensing services) of your intellectual property assets (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, Internet domains and copyrights in general).

Given this emphasis on exploitation, we see intellectual property as a key business asset that determines a series of related decisions:

  • the best form of legal protection
  • the approach taken to administrative management
  • the defence of IP against third parties

This approach means that our services are oriented toward satisfying the needs of each client company seen as a whole, rather than handling each trademark or patent separately. We also bear in mind at all times the competitive global context in which companies operate.

YECORA ® is a registered trademark of SYS-SERVEIS EN PROPIETAT INDUSTRIAL, S.L.
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